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Motor Components, LLC® offers a large range of Facet®/Purolator® Electronic Fuel Pumps for gas and diesel engines. Our fuel pumps are available on an OEM basis for agricultural and construction equipment, marine, generator sets, heaters, military equipment, lawn & garden, and truck refrigeration systems. There are five basic Facet®/Purolator® pump models available: Gold-Flo®, Cube Solid State, Posi-Flo®, Dura-Lift®, High Pressure Injector In-Tank, In-line Pumps and Modules.


2013 Motor Components releases new high pressure in-tank and in-line Facet®/Purolator® diesel fuel pump for the OE Industrial, Ag and Diesel Engine markets.


2011 Motor Components releases new Facet®/Purolator® Cube solid state and DURA-LIFT solid state fuel pumps to meet Tire 4 common rail diesel engine requirements.


Motor Components, LLC® applies for ISO certification of Facet®/Purolator® branded fuel pumps.


Facet®/Purolator® generates enthusiasm in the marine, lawn and garden, automotive and outdoor recreational vehicle marketplace with the introduction of the Facet® Fuel-It® Electronic Transfer Fuel Pump. This unique, 12 volt battery operated, portable, hand-held pump allows the pumping of 1 gallon of gas per minute directly from the gas container eliminating any physical dangers from lifting heavy gas cans or ground contamination from fuel spillage.


Facet®/Purolator® engineers the most efficient and reliable in-tank and module fuel pumps for both OE and Aftermarket applications.


Facet®/Purolator® launches Dura-Lift® branded heavy duty fuel pumps for refrigeration trucks, marine, generator sets, diesel filtration systems, industrial applications and diesel lift applications.


Motor Components,LLC® sells Facet Starter Drives to Perfect Fit Industries enabling them to focus on their core product line of Facet®/Purolator® Fuel Pumps.

Facet®/Purolator® introduces Posi-Flo®, a diesel priming and lift pump and universal fuel pump for all carburetor equipped cars, vans, light trucks, boats, generators and farm equipment.


BAM Enterprises, INC. [NY] acquires Motor Components, LLC®.


Purolator Automotive Purolator Products Company merges into Arvin Industries.

Purolator Products Company/ FACET® Filter Products Division merges into CLARCOR.

Motor Components, LLC® [De] is formed and retained by Mark IV Industries.


Mark IV Acquisition merges into Purolator Products Company; PPC is the surviving corporate entity; PPC is restructured in two divisions: Purolator Automotive and Purolator Products Company / FACET® Filter Products Division.


Purolator Products, Inc. is sold to FACET Enterprises [De]; FACET and Purolator Products, Inc [De] merge; FACET as the surviving corporation and changes it's name to Purolator Products Company.


Purolator Products Inc. [De] is incorporated as a wholly-owned subsidiary or Purolator Automotive and Industrial Products, Inc. is incorporated [De].


Pursuant to an order to the FTC, Bendix Corp. organized FACET Enterprises, Inc. [De].


Bendix Corporation acquires Fram Corporation. Fram Corp [De] is formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bendix Corp. The acquisition is challenged by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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